The Story

Mademoiselle Glamourpuss is a fashion and bridal accessory range dedicated to all things glamourous, unique and spectacular. Our mission is to spread glamour, inspiration and beauty to the world. When a lady wears Mademoiselle Glamourpuss her most empowered creative and feminine self is on display. Her true beauty shines from the inside out, creating peace and confidence.

Often reliving earlier periods of design, Mademoiselle Glamourpuss is enchantingly frank, thoroughly modern and very refreshing, with touches of extravagant and exquisite sparkling beauty. Our signature pieces are truly stylish, enhancing the beauty of any outfit.

At Mademoiselle Glamourpuss our understanding of the vital importance of quality, means our stunning pieces are meticulously and lovingly crafted and finished by true artisans, employing techniques that have been practiced and refined over the last century. A wonder to behold.

Our product range encompasses a wide price point so as to appeal to every woman. We don’t want anyone to miss out on these luscious pieces of beauty. Everyone can afford to be adorned in Mademoiselle Glamourpuss.

Mademoiselle Glamourpuss, created by Lisa-Jane McKenna, is based in Sydney, Australia. Lisa-Jane constantly travels between her homes in Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom, spending time drawing inspiration from the rich, colorful and passionate life that traveling to exotic locales inspires. Her love of art, architecture, music and film has greatly contributed to her style.  Lisa-Jane’s creative life has given her a long career in the fashion industry. Being brought up in a family of designers, stylists and boutique owners, to having her own boutiques and on line shops, Lisa-Jane has fashion in her blood. Her attraction to beauty and quality has never waived. Lisa-Jane believes in the nurturing of the psyche and the soul to sustain a balanced lifestyle and is a qualified Counsellor and Life Coach, currently completing a Psychology Degree.

Mademoiselle Glamourpuss regularly shares inspirational life philosophies and values alongside an amazing product range, giving a touch of magic, fantasy and spiritual mystique to daily life. You may have noticed them filtering regularly through her social media pages. These motivational messages we hope help to keep the momentum of daily life on track. With a focus on appreciation, gratitude and  transformation the power to change to a more positive life we believe is within us all.